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4.10.17  – JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) Kicks Off June 20th with Opening Reception at SPiN NYC and ATLANTIC-ACM’s Service Provider Excellence Awards  – Read full press release.


3.30.17 – Jaymie Scotto & Associates (“JSA”) Announces United Cable Company (UCC) is First to Adopt Innovative New WalkOut Video Lead Gen Technology – Read full press release.


2.16.17 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) Announces Line-Up of Leading Industry Experts for CEO Roundtables at 2017 NYC Event – Read full press release.


1.16.17 –  Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Accepted into Forbes Agency Council – Read full press release.



11.29.16 –  Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) “Technology and the Environment – The Future of Sustainability” Virtual CEO Roundtable Set for December 14th – Read Full Press Release.


11.15.16 –  Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Expands, Opens Operations in Canada – Read Full Press Release.


11.7.16 –  JSA Welcomes Distinguished Tech, Telecom Media to Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA Event Nov 14-15 – Read Full Press Release.


11.2.16 –  JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA Technology Showcase to Address the Importance of Accurate Network Assessment- Read Full Press Release.


10.25.16 – JSA Welcomes Women in the Channel to Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA Event Nov. 14-15 – Read Full Press Release.


10.13.16 – JSA Launches Online Meeting Management System for Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA November 14-15 – Read Full Press Release.


10.6.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) Announces Distinguished Line-Up of Industry Experts for CEO Roundtables at Upcoming LA Events – Read Full Press Release.


9.28.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA Enhances Networking Opportunities with Opening Reception Colocated with AutoMobility LA – Read Full Press Release.


9.12.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA Numbers Surge; Event Set to Surpass Sales Expectations – Read Full Press Release.


8.31.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) LA Debuts Enhanced Technology Showcase Demonstration Opportunities – Read Full Press Release.


6.22.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange LA Colocates its Opening Reception with AutoMobility LA™ – Read Full Press Release.


6.16.16 – JSA Welcomes Influential Media to Telecom Exchange NYC June 21-22 – Read Full Press Release.


5.31.16 – AT&T and ATLANTIC-ACM to Headline JSA’s Telecom Exchange (TEX) Opening Reception June 21 in NYC – Read Full Press Release.


5.27.16 – JSA Launches New Online Meeting Management System for Telecom Exchange (TEX) NYC June 21-22 – Read Full Press Release.


5.9.16 – Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Launches JSA Radio on iHeartRadio – Read Full Press Release.


5.4.16 – Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Adds New Media Reporting and Website Analyses Tools to Suite of Public Relations and Marketing Services – Read full press release.

5.3.16 –
JSA’s Telecom Exchange Announces Distinguished Line-Up of Industry Experts for CEO Roundtables at Upcoming NYC Event – Read full press release.


4.19.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange Invites Technology Companies to Enter Second Annual ‘Tech Boss’ Contest – Read full press release.


4.18.16 – Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Announces its Next Virtual Roundtable – Empowering Education Through Broadband – Read full press release.


4.14.16 – JSA’s Telecom Exchange Heads to Los Angeles November 14-15 – Read full press release.


1.18.16 –  JSA’s Telecom Exchange 2016 Event Surpasses Sales Expectations; Event Floor Already Over 40% Capacity  Read full press release.



12.15.15 –  GTT, Hibernia Networks, Microsoft Headline for Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)’s 2016 Virtual Roundtable, Moderated by Telecom Ramblings Read full press release.


11.9.15 –  Telecom Exchange CEO Roundtables Tackle Carrier Wholesale Offerings in the Age of IoT at DCD Converged Europe – Read full press release.


11.5.15 –  Telecom Exchange and DatacenterDynamics Converged Events to Collaborate with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) – Read full press release.


8.5.15 –  JSA Introduces New Whiteboard Video Service OfferingRead full press release.


6.19.15 –  JSA’s Telecom Exchange Welcomes RCRnyc Studio Lounge to its June 24 After-Party Event Read full press release.


6.8.15 –  JSA Launches DealCenter, an Intelligent Online Meeting Management System, for its Telecom Exchange Networking Event June 24th in New York City Read full press release.


5.27.15 – JSA’s Industry Networking Event Telecom Exchange (TEX) Expands Internationally Read full press release.


5.15.15 –  Virtual CEO Roundtable on JSA TV Discusses ‘Intelligent Data Centers’ on May 18Read full press release.


5.5.15 –  JSA Launches ‘Telco Video Studio’ at Telecom Exchange in New York City on June 24Read full press release.


4.28.15 –  Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) and New York TechDay Invite Technology Companies to Enter ‘Tech Boss’ Contest – Read full press release.


4.23.15 –  Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Wins 2015 Innovation & Excellence Award for “Most Outstanding Telecoms PR Agency” – Read full press release.


4.10.15 – Telecom Exchange (TEX) Announces The TEX Pre-Party Sponsored by Netrality Properties – Read full press release.


3.17.15 – Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Introduces New Blog Series: “Open Letters” – Read full press release.


3.6.15 Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Introduces JSA TV
Virtual CEO Roundtable Series – Read full press release.


3.3.15 Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Kicks Off Its 10-Year Anniversary Celebration with Rebrand, Website Refresh and Event Promotions –

Read full press release.



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