The First Step of the United States’ “FirstNet”

Posted by Jaymie Scotto on December 19th, 2012

The United States needs a nationwide communications network and the NTIA’s federally authorized & funded “FirstNet” aims to accomplish this goal. So far, the federal government has allocated $7 billion toward accomplishing this project…but why hasn’t anyone within the telecom industry heard about it?

Unfortunately, the goals are not very clear and the mission to create such a network isn’t publicized to the masses. Allied Fiber’s CEO, Hunter Newby, believes that the first step for a successful nationwide communications network should be to involve a national corporate communications plan.

Without an adequate plan with industry wide contribution, this much needed network will fail. It’s hard to comprehend how a $7 billion federally funded start-up network would find success without public discussion amongst the industry-wide leaders. As home to some of the world’s top technologies, America still lacks a cohesive, nationwide broadband infrastructure plan to keep up with accelerating fiber and wireless demands. In fact, Africa is expected to surpass the US in broadband connections, with the continent almost completely wireless. If these problems with our broadband infrastructure exist, how is it possible that the newly elected 15-member board will be able to properly construct FirstNet? The need for a plan developed by industry leaders and driven by private investment is more imperative now than ever before.

Allied Fiber owns, builds and will operate its own network-neutral, fiber optic cable system, connecting sub-sea landing points, cell towers, data centers, carrier hotels, colocation huts, enterprise buildings, schools and governments with next generation, long-haul and short-haul dark fiber. This necessary dark fiber network, planned to unite along its route the continental United States, is created to address America’s need for more broadband access, wireless backhaul, data center distribution and lower latency communications services.

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The Case for Face-to-Face Networking

Posted by Jaymie Scotto on August 3rd, 2012

The problem with events today is that the focus is on event planners turning a profit- and not on driving ROI for each attendee.

With rules like no sponsorships until you exhibit or no social networking opportunities or even zero promotion of attending companies leading up to the event—it’s impossible as an investor in the event to determine the real value.

We need to look at attendees as investors.  I come from the business world—I come from telecom—the industry that combines technology with the need for communications—and with this background, my team and I create events for my fellow telecom business professionals.  Each of our attendees are investors—and the event is our company—it’s our brand—and we need our investors to get real value and that critical trust factor from our brand.

So how do we do it?  We provide technology to let them network ahead of time—before they walk through the doors of the event.   So they have a list of prospect or partner meetings – a timetable of business opportunities—before they even walk in the door.

What does that do for me, the event planner?  By actually driving the success of your investors—you are driving the success of your brand.  You are ensuring that they will walk away with fresh contacts- leads for them to nurture—which can ideally turn into deals and real revenue for them.  If we consider our event as a multiple-leads generation tool that all our investors are committing to—then we have a successful event—one where folks will register early, will not swap out or cancel their ticket days before the event due to calendar conflicts—one that they will love from start to finish- and one they will easily sign up for again next year or quarter.  It’s about creating an environment to grow business.

So there needs to be a real study on meeting management at events.  It’s not about showing a list of company or sponsors names and saying – “you are all in the same room, find each other and see if by the time you actually hunt that person down,  you have enough energy and time to actually talk business in a crowded room.”  It’s about creating face-to-face meetings in an environment appropriate for business. This new message and pre-planning requires time and thought well ahead of the event dates.

So what technology drives pre-thought, this pre-planning for face-to-face, on-site meetings?  As an event planner, I was looking for this technology back in 2003—before facebook, before myspace, heck, before widely-distributed blackberries.  And I was looking in vain.  There was no such technology.  Even the financial guys on Wall Street were resorting to timely-planned emails to folks they already knew a few days before the show—but there was no way (unless events gave out their attendee emails out right, which caused a lot of unwanted spamming and overall irritation) to successfully network before an event.   That’s when I met with my IT director at the time and sat down and created the first iteration of what is now known as DealCenter.  DealCenter is a platform where we can keep all attendee contact details—safe and secure—where folks can log in, sort this list of other registrants, view their profiles, and if they have services and products in their particular area/region, contact them – via the DealCenter system—to plan a meeting at a particular time and location during the show.  Since 2003, the DealCenter system has gone through many iterations, incorporating latest technologies and social media tools.  Now, and new for 2012, our newest version combines ease-of-use with a powerful, fast machine, to offer the fastest—google-esque searching capabilities with facebook-esque participant profiles.  Also new for 2012, we have a mobile site that takes face-to-face networking on the go for all our investors.

And it’s not just the brawn of the platform, it’s the brains of our team.  DealCenter team members are available throughout the use of the platform to offer live and fast support.  We are also on-site helping to foster these meetings in a dedicated area, often near the exhibit floor, where we direct meeting participants to their pre-assigned, numbered table.  We help facilitate on-site impromptu meetings as well, for those attendees who would like to use a table for a period of time, to have a business meeting with someone they just met on the floor.

We have proudly deployed our new version at ITW and for the i3 Forum in May and Telecom Exchange in June.  We will be at the A-Team Low Latency Summit 2012, MEMS in Motion Collaboration Summit and Telecom One-on-One events and more this fall.    We are proud to be part of delivering that trust factor to the event industry—where events are valued for the real face-to-face networking opportunities they offer.

What are your thoughts on this?  Please leave a comment; love to hear more.


USA and Colombia Unite – GlobeNet Builds New Subsea Network Extension

Posted by Karissa Campbell on June 22nd, 2012

New Express Route from Colombia to Miami 

Here’s some great network expansion news for a Friday! Oi’s international subsidiary – GlobeNet – a leading provider of submarine capacity, unveiled the news today that it is extending its subsea network to Colombia, thus creating an express route from its future landing on Colombia’s Atlantic coast to Miami, Florida.

As a direct extension from its existing subsea cable system connecting the USA, Venezuela, Brazil, and Bermuda, this new express route addresses increased demand for high capacity, while also providing the lowest latency route from Colombia to Brazil.  This new route also complements GlobeNet’s existing ring-protected International capacity service to Colombia.

UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones, the largest Internet provider and a leading full-service telecom operator in Colombia, has signed a long-term agreement with GlobeNet to become the anchor tenant on the new subsea route.

This subsea extension to the GlobeNet submarine cable system is based on the latest in ultra-high capacity network architectures supporting 10Gbps/40Gbps/100Gbps DWDM technologies. The new build is scheduled for completion in 2013.

Erick W. Contag, Chief Operating Officer of GlobeNet. “We have a strong focus on serving the Latin America region and are committed to supporting Colombia’s growth and development of its ICT infrastructure. Furthermore, GlobeNet is pleased to enter into a strategic agreement with UNE, Colombia’s leading telecommunication’s operator, who is pioneering 4G/LTE and IPTV deployments in their country.  UNE will benefit from unsurpassed international capacity to service their growing customer base.”

“We look forward to strengthening our long-term relationship with GlobeNet as we share a vision to contribute to the positive development of Colombia,” comments Marc Perret Eichmann, President of UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones. “This new subsea cable system will allow UNE to meet its aggressive broadband Internet and 4G/LTE growth projections resulting in important benefits to our customers.”

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Case Study: Colo Atl’s “Smart Hands” Service Among Deciding Factors for Telesphere!

Posted by DeanPerrine on June 15th, 2012

Colo Atl, a leading provider of carrier neutral colocation, data center and interconnection solutions, released a Case Study detailing solutions provided to Telesphere, a nationwide managed cloud communications provider, and recent addition to the Colo Atl tenant roster.  The Case Study details the Opportunities, Solution and, ultimately, the Results achieved through working with Colo Atl.

“In our search for a premier Atlanta colocation facility, knowing we had ample choices to choose from, we narrowed down our requirements to engineering and cost,” maintains Todd Miszner, Vice President of Finance for Telesphere. “We also looked at factors such as reliability, accessibility, and network provider access. In doing so, we found that Colo Atl met all of our requirements and more.”

Established in November 2001, the fully built out infrastructure of the Colo Atl colocation and Meet Me Room (MMR) facility is located on the 5th and 8th floors of 55 Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Colo Atl provides O1 and Telesphere with access to its 70-plus tenants, a “no-nonsense” pricing philosophy, and superior customer service.

Designed and operated by Tim Kiser, a Professional Engineer (PE) with over 30 years of experience in the industry, the Colo Atl facility offers industry standard colocation, data center and interconnection amenities in a SSAE 16 certified facility.

To view the full case study, click READ THE CASE STUDY

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KDDI America Sponsors IDC’s New White Paper on Multinational Corporations ICT Strategies

Posted by Karissa Campbell on June 15th, 2012

TELEHOUSE America’s sister company, KDDI America , the U.S. division of KDDI CORPORATION, a Fortune Global 500 company and worldwide leader in international telecommunications services, announces its sponsorship of IDC’s white paper, “Multinational Corporations’ ICT Strategies for the Emerging Economies: A Tactical Approach to Enhance Competitiveness in the Region.” 

Multinational corporations (MNCs) are accelerating their expansion into emerging and developing economies in order to increase competitiveness and seek new opportunities. The rapid growth of these economies is presenting MNCs with an influx of critical ICT challenges and opportunities. This white paper provides an economic outlook of these emerging economies, analyzes the ICT demand trends of MNCs, and offers service provider selection strategies based on IDC research.

To download the “Multinational Corporations’ ICT Strategies for the Emerging Economies: A Tactical Approach to Enhance Competitiveness in the Region” white paper please visit For questions or additional information, please e-mail


New 451 Research Report Says Colo Atl Growing With Atlanta Market

Posted by DeanPerrine on June 13th, 2012

Colo Atl, a leading provider of neutral colocation, data center and interconnection solutions, recently sat down with Stefanie Beaubien of 451 Research to discuss expansion plans and company drivers among others for a report provided to 451 Research subscribers.

The report provides valuable insights on the Colo Atl space, services, leadership and customer service philosophy. Moreover, the report details a number of strategic business topics such as:

  • Core leadership
  • Datacenter footprint
  • Expansion strategy
  • Services
  • Atlanta and the competition
  • T1R take

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Or, to request the full article, click here Colo Atl grows with Atlanta market for a free trial membership.


Another Win for GlobeNet! Global Telecoms Business Recognizes GlobeNet’s Innovation in Wholesale Services

Posted by Karissa Campbell on June 13th, 2012

GlobeNet’s Ultra Low Latency Trading Connection to Brazil Wins in Wholesale Service Innovation Category

Congratulations to Oi’s subsidiary provider of submarine capacity, GlobeNet!

Global Telecoms Business has named GlobeNet’s Ultra Low Latency Trading Connection to Brazil the winner of the Wholesale Service Innovation Category. The Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards honor the most innovative projects of the world’s telecommunication operators and service providers in collaboration with their suppliers and vendors.

GlobeNet’s ultra-low latency trading connection to Brazil, is the fastest available to BM&F BOVESPA, was created in response to the increased customer demand to quickly access the emerging Latin American market. The route directly links São Paulo’s BM&F BOVESPA to New Jersey’s NASDAQ OMX and routes to major global exchanges such as the CME, NYSE, BATS, LSE, Deutsche Börse and Eurex. The route also creates a diverse connection that avoids the congestion of the New York City metro area and connects directly to the New Jersey NASDAQ facility through our partner’s networks; creating new express connectivity with Chicago, Toronto, London and Tokyo financial exchanges.

“GlobeNet is honored to receive this award for our Low Latency Trading Connection to Brazil’s BM&F BOVESPA,” states Erick W. Contag, Chief Operating Officer of GlobeNet. “With Brazil quickly becoming an international trading hub, the route can act as a key differentiator for financial firms requiring seamless and secure access to conduct their transactions.”

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“Tubes” Connects the Physical Reality of the Internet

Posted by Jaymie Scotto on June 13th, 2012

Long time friend of JSA, Andrew Blum has just released his new book entitled  “Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet” which has been receiving some great press while shining a positive light on our industry’s connectivity. The Wall Street Journal included an excerpt from the book and CBS News interviewed Andrew on his main drivers for writing the book.

So why is “Tubes” a must-read?  The book takes a look at the Internet from a physical perspective, the actual infrastructure that connects our so-called ‘wireless’ world. Andrew looks at the dark and lit networks that connect the Internet (including some of JSA clients like Allied Fiber and Hibernia Atlantic ) and the key buildings throughout the world that house these networks.

To coincide with the launch of the book, Andrew is doing a book tour in cities around the world including New York, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and London. For the complete tour schedule, click here.  If he’s in a city near you, go ahead and check him out.

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Inteliquent Subject of VOSS Case Study

Posted by DeanPerrine on June 12th, 2012

Inteliquent launched Wholesale HCS in February 2012, and now offers Cisco channel partners and Tier-2/3 service providers 
a white label HCS package to resell to their end customers.
This allows organizations to compete in the cloud collaboration market, without having to make an initial capital investment. Inteliquent’s only stipulations are that their channel partners are Advanced Cisco UC certified with a Tier-1 helpdesk, and that end customers have a minimum of 100 seats each.

Integral to Cisco HCS is a service fulfillment management platform provided by VOSS Solutions; rebranded in HCS as CUCDM (Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager). VOSS is 
a highly automated and sophisticated management platform that easily absorbs the complexities of this unique hosted collaboration business model.

The case study explains the role that VOSS plays; giving Inteliquent and its channel partners a concise dashboard view of the entire HCS environment, and allowing Inteliquent to centrally manage its channel partners, who in turn are able to offer their end customers advanced bundles of hosted collaboration services. The case study details how flexible administrative access from VOSS means that channel partners can either retain or delegate some (or all) of the MACD administration, and offer customer-branded web-based self care portals for end users to manage their phone and line features and functions from any internet connected device, reducing the wait time commonly associated with submitting a change request to an administrator.

Surendra Saboo, President and COO at Inteliquent commented; “VOSS is the enabler in this whole new business model. Without the advanced automation tools that VOSS provides, we would not be able to offer Cisco channel partners hosted collaboration services in a white label manner.”

Mike Frayne, CEO at VOSS added; “We are excited to be working with Inteliquent on this is unique and compelling offering for Cisco channel partners, which allows companies to compete for a share of the hosted collaboration market at very low risk, and without having to make an initial capital investment.”

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Allied Fiber CEO to Participate in Panel at FISPA’s Simmering Service Provider Summit in Atlanta

Posted by Caitlin O'Hagan on June 12th, 2012

Allied Fiber’s CEO, Hunter Newby will participate in a panel at the upcoming Federation of Internet Solution Providers of the Americas (FISPA) Simmering Service Provider Summit, June 18 – 20 in Atlanta, GA. Hunter will speak on the “Ask the Experts: Data Center Build outs” session with Tim Kiser, CEO of Colo Atl, on June 19 at 10:00am. 

The FISPA organization represents the interests of Internet Solution Providers. Member companies are those who provide a range of services including Internet Access, Cloud Applications, Web Design, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Hosted PBX, Managed Network Services and an ever-increasing number of other services which all use the Internet to facilitate a solution. FISPA provides its members the ability to network and engage in discussion and looks to educate the public on the importance of the Internet industry.

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