I find myself increasingly learning of the world’s news by reading them communicated in 140 characters or less.  It is fascinating to be able to understand information communicated with such few characters and with the ability to provide readers with links that are reduced in length through services such as TINY URL.


This is actually a fascinating way to communicate information.


If you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, then you haven’t joined the revolution.  Twitter is the not so new phenomenon that is making headline news about its unique way that users can communicate; effectively, efficiently and sometimes quite silly.


Since on Twitter you can choose who to follow, for the most part without worrying if they will accept you or not, whatever topics interest you, and ones that they ‘tweet’ about are posted for you to see.  If it’s global news that interests you, follow @CNN; if it’s the war in Israel, follow the @IsraelConsulate, general news in the US, for instance to find out that Obama is eyeing a Labradoodle or Portuguese water dog as the White House’s new dog, follow @GoogleNewsUS.


Many people you may choose to follow could potentially also ‘tweet’ about the hot topic of the day, acting as your remote eyes and ears to news channels, award shows and even elections.  During the airing of the Golden Globes on January 11, 2009 many different ‘conversations’ about who won which award were ‘tweeted’ which opened up discussion among followers to comment and share their views.  The same thing happened during the ground-breaking election of 2008, when Obama was expected to win, the twitter boards were ablaze in pronouncement and announcements of the latest news based on information posted from the major news networks.


As a public relations professional, I choose to follow a whole gamut of people, primarily those that post general news, news about the Telecom industry (which is my specialty) or those that write about the industry or technology.  It is phenomenal to hear the everyday voice of the journalists and industry pundits that write about my clients and other companies in the industry.  I feel like I have a deeper connection to them, simply knowing that they like cats or 24 the TV show or like to watch programs like the Golden Globes.  It’s also the place where industry folk feel each other out, posting Blogs for the first time to measure user interest, response.  Also Tweeter is a place to share links to a journalists work, colleagues work or to promote trending topics – in my world they happen to be colocation, web hosting, virtualization, cloud computing and more.


Another way Twitter is interesting is the ability to ‘retweet’ other user comments, to help them get their message out because it’s one you support, believe in or just found interesting.  


I think Twitter is a power tool for communicating relevant and interesting information.  The more my user base expands the greater my reach becomes.  Just recently I wrote up a press coverage report for one of my clients and calculated that my social media reach was more than 3 times as extensive as the measured wire service views of the release, and since for the most part, people follow me because they want to hear what I have to say, the ‘hit’ ratio of relevancy on my social media targets are much higher than those on the wires.


Let’s help each other out – share our news and keep abreast of what is happening, locally and globally.  And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @ilissanyc, there’s a good chance, I will follow you back.


I know I haven’t covered all of what Twitter can do, so I would love to hear your thoughts.


Ilissa Miller is Executive Vice President of Jaymie Scotto & Associates, a PR and Marketing firm for the Telecom Industry.

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