GlobeNet Deploys Infinera Intelligent Transport Network Across North American Assets

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 2.25.01 PM GlobeNet announced the deployment of the Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform across its entire U.S. terrestrial backhaul network. The deployment on routes in the northeast and south Florida, with continued connectivity into Latin America, allows GlobeNet to increase network efficiency and differentiate its service offerings as it scales network capacity.   Infinera DTN-X enhances GlobeNet’s high-performance, low latency services by enabling the capacity to deliver over 100 Gb/s coherent transmission through 500 Gb/s super-channels. These super-channels are designed to be scaled in the future to accommodate a network that can deliver over eight Tb/s of transmission capacity on … Continue reading

Lightower Takes High-Bandwidth Networking Solutions to the Financial Industry at FIA

Lightower Fiber Networks With an all-fiber network that enables redundancy and risk mitigation, supports automated trading systems and helps financial institutions to tackle Big Data to their advantage, Lightower Fiber Networks is attending FIA’s 30th annual Futures & Options Expo next week in Chicago to talk about what’s possible. The financial services industry is working hard to stay on top of changing regulatory, customer, market and business dynamics. Like most enterprises and industries today, financial services organizations increasingly turn to technology and networks to support efficiency, growth and profitability. FIA’s Futures & Options Expo is the annual event where industry professionals gather to … Continue reading

Lightower Now Approved Vendor for MiCTA’s National Tech Membership

Lightower Connects MiCTA Membership with Networks The need for all-fiber communications networks is high across all organizations, and the thousands of members of MiCTA can now take advantage of Lightower’s services for their organizations. Announced today, Lightower is a fully approved vendor for MiCTA, which is a national non-profit group purchasing organization representing higher education, K-12, government and other non-profit entities. Lightower has been approved to deliver its all-fiber portfolio of Ethernet, SONET, Wavelengths, Dark Fiber, Colocation and Internet services to the full MiCTA membership. This will allow MiCTA members to beef up their connectivity and take advantage of a range of today’s advanced services that can’t … Continue reading

Lightower Named an Authorized Vendor for NJ State Network Services T1776 Contract

Lightower Fiber Networks A recent study by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) shows that 75% of the 2,000 citizens surveyed prefer to complete government transactions online. Seventy percent of respondents said it saves them time, and 60% said it saves them money. The survey confirms that constituents seek secure web-based interfaces that contain the information and enable the services they require. A key element of these online platforms continues to be a network that delivers uninterrupted connectivity between the government agency and user. Lightower announced today that it has been named an authorized vendor to the New Jersey state government through the … Continue reading

Lightower Excels at High-Performance, All-Fiber Networking Solutions for Education

Lightower, NERCOMP 2014, education technology, campus technology, high performance optical network The “Internet of Things threatens to generate massive amounts of input data from sources that are globally distributed,” confirms Fabrizio Biscotti, research director at Gartner. And given the coming volumes of data, Biscotti continues that comprehensive backups “will present potentially insoluble governance issues, such as network bandwidth and remote storage bandwidth, and capacity to back up all raw data is likely to be unaffordable.” This is a reality facing education campuses around the country and the world. The need for high-capacity bandwidth to run current IT systems and add advanced learning platforms and capabilities is huge and growing. NERCOMP, the … Continue reading

DE-CIX Hits a New Mark! The German Internet Exchange Reaches 3 Tbps Peak Traffic

DE-CIX Apollon Internet Peering Peak traffic at DE-CIX Frankfurt, the world’s largest Internet Exchange point, has officially hit the 3 terabits-per-second (Tbps) mark. This milestone represents a 36% increase in traffic in just 12 months, with last year’s peak coming in at 2.2 Tbps. DE-CIX introduced its new flagship platform, DE-CIX Apollon, in April 2013 in anticipation of future traffic growth. The Apollon platform will allow DE-CIX to grow 10-fold before any major infrastructure changes will need to be made. Since completing its customer migration to DE-CIX Apollon in December, the Internet exchange has seen continued customer and traffic growth. Recent traffic and customer … Continue reading

Cogent Chooses Hibernia Networks for Irish Network Expansion

Hibernia Networks logo Cogent Communications has chosen Hibernia Networks to expand its network reach throughout Northern Ireland. The Ireland network expansion will connect Cogent at Hibernia’s cable landing station in Dublin and across the Titanic Quarter in Northern Ireland. The new capacity will be used to further address the growing demand Cogent is seeing for high-speed communications services. With almost 2,000 on-net service locations, Cogent is a world-class telecommunications provider serving 36 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. By leveraging Hibernia’s high-capacity, multi-count dark fiber, Cogent further strengthens its infrastructure in Ireland. “Not only is Hibernia recognized as the premier supplier of … Continue reading

DE-CIX Apollon Now Ready for 100G!

The wait is over – the DE-CIX Apollon peering exchange completed its final technology upgrades, and all customers have been successfully migrated over. What does this mean for DE-CIX customers? Direct access to one of the fastest, most technologically advanced and one of the most reliable peering and Internet exchanges in the world. The technology upgrades also enable 100G capabilities for the more than 600 DE-CIX customers and partners, with expanded capabilities slated for 2014. German ISP Hetzner Online is actually the first customer to deploy 100G on the Apollon platform. “With our new 100G connection and the top-notch service at DE-CIX, we can increase … Continue reading

Lightower Expands All-Fiber Network in Chicago Market

Lightower, NERCOMP 2014, education technology, campus technology, high performance optical network Not just the Windy City, Chicago is also a well-networked city. A Midwest center of finance, commerce, industry and transportation, Chicago is a national and international hub for technology and telecommunications. That’s even more true today, now that Lightower Fiber Networks has announced an expansion of its network across the Chicago metro area. Lightower is constructing multiple new fiber rings throughout downtown Chicago and the surrounding communities of Oak Brook, Elk Grove and Franklin Park. This network expansion will make Lightower services available to hundreds of new commercial buildings and data centers throughout the area. Lightower will also be building … Continue reading

Silicon-to-Photonics Routing Pioneer, Compass-EOS, Joins the Georgia Technology Center (GTC)

GTC Compass-EOS routers to become part of one of the world’s first SDN-based Internet Exchanges The Georgia Technology Center (GTC), a live laboratory for network equipment vendors to demonstrate their networking hardware and software, located in Colo Atl’s Atlanta facility, announces that Compass-EOS, the world’s first silicon-to-photonics router company, is its newest member.  The Compass-EOS r10004 Router will be deployed in the Colo Atl facility, which is home to both the GTC and the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), a software-defined networking (SDN)-based Internet exchange capable of delivering secure and simplified peering solutions. As a member of the GTC, Compass-EOS will demonstrate its leadership in … Continue reading