IPv6 – Everything You Need to Know – In Pictures!

IPv6 – Everything You Need to Know – In Pictures!

The IPv6 movement has been years in the making. So many, in fact, that it has hardly been a “movement” at all – but for a few players with the foresight to embrace its inevitability. And for those early adapters, will come the spoils – Cisco recently reported that there will be over 3 billion IPv6 enabled mobile devices by 2016 and IPv6 will most certainly drive the Cloud movement!

What you need to know…

The Case for IPv6…

Grow the Business – Resolve address shortage challenges
Establish Leadership – Gain competitive advantage
Innovate, Prepare for Future Services

Cloud Computing – SaaS, Social Networks
4G mobile networks
M2M/Internet of Think
Smart GridIPv6 Deployment
Data services over Cable (DOCSIS 3.0)
Gains through improved security, packet processing optimization
IPv4 to IPv6 transition consulting Time
International IPv6 adoption (globalization/flatTwraldy)

Establishing Leadership

Even those early adopters of IPv6 as a network service understand that the demand, across the board, doesn’t exist today, but will. Recently, Akhil Verma, Product Director IP Transit for Inteliquent (formerly Neutral Tandem / Tinet), maintained that IPv6, “lacks the content, infrastructure and applications to make a good business case, today.” This coming from Inteliquent, one of the world’s leading providers of IPv6 network enabled solutions, speaks novels as to the current state of IPv6…and more importantly, its future.

The fifth-largest IP Transit network in the world, according to Renesys data, Inteliquent’s Juniper-based backbone network creates seamless global network operations for wholesale and large enterprise customers. Inteliquent’s worldwide peering relationships on a global MPLS-based backbone ensure the highest standard of quality and connectivity.

More IPv6 insight from one of the industries leading IPv6 providers, Inteliquent, COMING SOON!


  • Operational challenges
  • Transition and implementation challenges
  • Steps to consider to make seamless changes in the network
  • Pitfalls to watch out for when planning/making changes

To learn more about Inteliquent’s IPv6 networks, go here:

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Dean Perrine
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