Live from TELEHOUSE: Hunter Newby on Building the Necessary Infrastructure for Broadband Access

Live from TELEHOUSE: Hunter Newby on Building the Necessary Infrastructure for Broadband Access

LIVE FROM TELEHOUSE, by Jaymie Cutaia, CEO and Founder of Jaymie Scotto & Associates

Hunter Newby speaks on necessary bandwidth infrastructure in the US at TELEHOUSE’s first 2012 breakfast event on Staten Island today.

Hunter Newby, Founder and CEO of Allied Fiber, was the top billing  this morning at the TELEHOUSE Breakfast Seminar at TELEHOUSE America’s  flagship facility in Staten Island, the Teleport.

Hunter discussed how this country and Europe “have no plan” for long  haul dark fiber infrastructure, the necessary system to connect  towers, data centers and towns. Many routes are 10+ years old with expiring IRUs. Many routes have reached fiber exhaust or fiber IRU/lease elimination.  And many locations are in need of intermediate access to their mobility and broadband access. Similar, says Hunter, to living under a highway but without an on or off ramp to get you there.

Hunter cited new demands that did not exist ten years ago, such as wireless, distributed data centers, cloud computing and rural broadband demand.

So as the tide rises, what are the new requirements, here at home and abroad, for new designs and models to meet today’s demands? There needs to a new, long haul fiber route for the USA, coupled with short haul fiber with multiple, physical access points. The neutral colocation sites are the meeting point. We also need long term fiber and colocation leases.

What hardware supports these systems? We need high counts for long and short haul, latest generation fiber types such as SMF28e+ or LEAF and support multi-channel 100G DWDM. The necessary end result is to support local, metro, regional network transition to long haul and subsea networks for seamless global transport.

Who is doing this today? GasLINE in Germany built a dark fiber system for the gas lines. They overbuilt it and are leasing it out in Africa, there’s Dark Fiber Africa. And here in US, there’s Allied Fiber (

Jaymie Scotto
Jaymie Scotto
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