Low Latency Becomes Increasingly Critical in Every Industry

Low Latency Becomes Increasingly Critical in Every Industry

Maura Mahoney, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Sidera Networks sums it up nicely in a recent article for Corp! Magazine – Low Latency is no longer solely imperative to the financial services industry, it is an area of focus for companies across a variety of industries. With the increase of cloud adoption and bandwidth-intensive applications, businesses are utilizing innovative operations that require more efficient network connectivity. Just as minimizing delays in transactions and increasing data speed are critical to success, performance delays can lead to costly outcomes.

_Low latency networks’ real time connectivity is ideal for businesses operating in today’s deadline-driven society. The connectivity facilitates more efficient collaboration between employees, customers, staff, students, and enterprises, saving time and money. For example, low-latency networks are a critical component to providing superior quality care in the healthcare industry. Real time connectivity allows for faster assessments, diagnoses, and collaboration between doctors and nurses.

Speed has become a network must have across industries. Low latency requirements and networks should be tailored to individual clients’ needs. To ensure that your network is suited to support your business’ needs consider the following:

Application performance on high-speed networks can be enhanced by combining low latency and high capacity.

  1. High-speed networks act as the ideal platform for applications, such as video-conferencing, rich content, live-streaming media, and access to real-time information.
  2. Improve the reliability and accessibility of your cloud-based Web applications via a low latency network.
  3. The real-time connectivity provided by a low latency network is ideal for deadline-driven environments.
  4. Low latency networks allow for more efficient collaboration, saving time and money.

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