Twitter Tips and other Savvy Social Media Hints

Twitter Tips and other Savvy Social Media Hints

Grandma is in the kitchen tweeting while Grandpa is in the backyard on Facebook.

This is the world we are living in today– well, almost.

According to, during the average 20-minute period in 2010, there were: 1,5870,000 wall posts, 2,716,000 photos uploaded and 10,208,000 comments posted.  Techcrunch quoted Twitter numbers from COO Dick Costolo in 2010 landing at: 190 million visitors per month and generating 65 million Tweets a day.

With social media numbers skyrocketing and only continuing to rise, this begs the question for business professionals—How do you make your Facebook post or tweet stand out?

Business 2 Community polled media gurus and everyday social media users for their best social media tips, but creatively limited the response to fit in a tweet (140 characters or less). Out of that came some very interesting and helpful information. Ilissa Miller, Managing Partner at JS&A gave this tip:

#103- Tweet with a purpose or goal in mind @ilissanyc

It sounds simple, but this is key– do without the senseless tweeting and mindless updates.  (Did the world really need to know what the staff is eating for lunch or about the new and improved water cooler that the office just got? Probably not.)

Some other favorites:

#21- If you’re a brand on Twitter, write like a person. Thank ppl who RT you. Join convos that have nothing to do w/yr company. @Share_And_Tell

#42- Social Media is a 2 way street. Listen, Respond, Engage. & Keep it short so others can RT @PRTips

#59- Whether it be coupon codes, advice, or laughs; give your audience something in return for their follow. @KinseySchofield

To avoid being a “Twitter twit” or creating an unfixable Facebook flub– check out the article below for all 120 tips:

120 Tweetable Tips on How to Achieve Social Media Success

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