My oh My – Ethernet Growth Continues to Soar; Surpasses Legacy

My oh My – Ethernet Growth Continues to Soar; Surpasses Legacy

Courtesy of Vertical Systems Group

In the past five years alone, Ethernet bandwidth has soared in the U.S. market with 10x surge – largely overtaking legacy bandwidth. According to recent survey findings from Vertical Systems Group, the growth is largely attributed to the ‘escalating demand for higher speed network services.’

The year 2011 is a monumental one thus far, with regards to the installation of Ethernet connections with access rates ranging up to 10+ Gbps. The year also coincides well with the 10 year anniversary of the world renowned Metro Ethernet Forum.

Additionally, Vertical Systems Group projects that that within the next four years, Ethernet bandwidth is expected to ‘more than double.’

According to the assessment of the survey findings by Fierce Telecom, “During this transition period, service providers like AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) are seeing legacy services Frame Relay, ATM and T1 circuits eroding while Ethernet and IP services continue to rise.”

In an interview held with Rosemary Cochran, Principal and co-founder of Vertical Systems Group, by Sean Buckley of Fierce Telecom, Cochran states: “Customers are migrating to other services and that’s the point at which they look for alternatives, including a cable company like Comcast and see what they have to offer. They will either stay with their current incumbent provider or look to some competitive provider or a cable company, which does not have to worry about preserving existing T1 service revenue.”

Enter in EtherCloudSM

With the continual growth of Ethernet in the market, new products such as Tinet, a Neutral Tandem company’s “EtherCloudSM,” are well poised to take main stage now and in the future. The product, first announced in April 2011, delivers end-to-end global Ethernet solutions, interconnecting diverse networks. The innovative product also simplifies the delivery of Ethernet and VPLS services on a global scale, while removing all hurdles that are required to interconnect networks across a global footprint.

As the U.S. and other key global markets carry on with Ethernet activities, network buyers who utilize EtherCloud are afforded flexible interconnectivity options and the opportunity to choose where and how they want to interconnect on any of Tinet’s 120 global PoPs. The sheer benefit here is that these buyers can design their own solutions and select the commercial terms they require to best meet their business needs.

The EtherCloud portal is easy to use and users can quickly receive price quotes, check for capacity, order services, monitor performance and more – the users are in full control.

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It’s exciting to read how the Ethernet market continues to evolve, and expand. Stay tuned to the JS&A blog for more exciting telecom news and updates!

Karissa Campbell
Karissa Campbell
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